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What Sets Us Apart

What sets Kelson Orthodontics apart?

We seek to provide a warm, friendly environment that is focused on meeting the needs of those that we are honored to serve. As a new patient, you’ll be escorted through your first day in our office by our New Patient Coordinator who will introduce you to our friendly staff and will guide you step-by-step through your exam and consultation with Dr. Kelson.

  • You will receive premium level care that is guaranteed for life. We are able to confidently offer this level of care by having a doctor who has the most modern education and techniques and is a second generation orthodontist, learning the precious lessons of 35 years of experience.
  • Because of our experience and specialized techniques, we confidently guarantee our treatment for life for those who care for their smile as instructed. Nobody else stands behind their work like we do!
  • We offer Osteogenic Accelerated Orthodontics for those patients who would like to complete treatment two to four times sooner than with traditional orthodontics. This means finishing a normally two-year case in approximately six months, with less complex cases finished in even less time.
  • Our Financial Coordinator is highly experienced at helping our patients find comfortable financial options that fit the specific needs of each family and maximize any insurance benefits.

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