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Find out what we can do to give you a confident smile.

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I 100% recommend Kelson Orthodontics for anyone who is looking for that beautiful smile they have always longed for! As a Dental Hygienist, I have a keen attention to detail when it comes to teeth and I have been extremely pleased with my ongoing results, the knowledge Dr. Kelson has in his field of expertise, and the positive and professional attitudes of his outgoing and intelligent staff. Many of my patients are being seen, or have been seen, by Dr. Kelson, and we all agree: this is the team you’re looking for! Thank you Dr. Kelson and team for making my adult braces adventure much more enjoyable!

Chelsea Buchanan

We have used Kelson Orthodontics for both of our children. The kids love Dr. Kelson and all of the staff. Dr. Kelson makes it such a fun experience, my kids are not even in a hurry to get their braces off! Great Staff-so fun and nice. I almost forgot to mention, they make teeth beautiful so you can have a nice smile.

Marin Sanborn

Love Dr. Kelson and his amazing staff! I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for that perfect smile. They offer fast and effective services for all ages. As an adult in braces, it’s not extremely enjoyable, with the accelerated program it has made my treatment from what should of been over a year to only 6 months.

Cortney Johnson

Dr Kelson and his staff are bar none the best part of the braces experience. Everyone I've met there is warm, friendly, and passionate about what they do. I would highly recommend Kelson Orthodontics to anyone in the Treasure valley, they are the best in the business hands down!

Grant Morgan

I’m so happy I chose Kelson Orthodontics- from start to finish I felt strongly I was getting the best care possible. Their staff is friendly and professional, and the office is open and geared so that people of all ages feel comfortable. I’m beyond thrilled with my results and have, and will continue to recommend. Thank you Kelson Orthodontics for a great experience!

Olivia Hawkins

Ever since the first time I have been to this place, I have always felt a sense of kindness. All the staff here treats you like family and not like a customer. I would highly recommend this above any other orthodontist. 6 Stars if it were possible, wonderful experience every time I come.

Kristin Hill

This is such a fun office. My kids actually look forward to their appointments and so do I! The whole team is very friendly. My favorite thing is pac man and shooting hoops. Great business!

Brenda Durg

I have two teens in braces and other experiences with orthodontists, and Dr Kelson stands apart. From the initial visit the entire experience has been great. Dr Kelson is very approachable and always willing and happy to discuss and answer questions about the plan from the beginning and throughout the process. The kids' teeth are looking great! He is very friendly and always makes the kids feel welcome and comfortable. His staff is just as friendly and accommodating. The entire vibe of his office is all positive! I highly recommend Dr Kelson.

Yvonne Okeson

We absolutely LOVE Dr. Kelson and his staff. My kids look forward to visiting the orthodontist...that's not typical, but with Kelson Orthodontics, it's a fun outing! They love how they are treated and the care they receive. They are a perfect blend of professional and fun and do a fantastic job of communicating and explaining procedures. My kids teeth look wonderful and MANY people comment how they have "perfect smiles." Truly, we owe that to Dr. Kelson!

Val McCauley

I have had two of my daughters get their braces through this office... It has been a super positive experience every time we go there... Staff is outstanding

Andrew Buckley

My experience with Kelson Orthodontics has been absolutely incredible. Dr Kelson is extremely knowledgeable, and he knows his trade better than anyone. He is very thorough with his work, and it is obvious that he loves what he does. He takes all the time that is necessarily to answer questions. Every single one of his staff members is welcoming and friendly. I ALWAYS leave Kelsons office smiling, and in a great mood. If you are looking for a FANTASTIC orthodontist to go to and fully trust, Dr. Kelson is your man!!!

Benjamin Ployakov

Love everything about Kelson orthodontics. Great atmosphere and most especially great staff. Dr. Kelson is very attentive and so caring, I have loved my experience so far. I had gone to other orthos and was told there was nothing that could be done for my jaw problem, but Dr. Kelson has been treating it very successfully and I am so happy to see results and relief from my jaw pain with my treatment plan. I would recommend Kelson orthodontics to everyone!!

Rebecca Breinholt

I wanted to give a big Thank You to Dr. Kelson for making my dream come true and all the time and work he put in. Ever since I was a little girl it was a dream of mine to have straight beautiful teeth. I have very large teeth and was always insecure of my smile. I was one to never wear lipstick since I felt it would accentuate my teeth, that was something I never wanted. Now at age 40 almost 41 I can say I have the smile I have always wanted, thanks to Dr Kelson and his staff. Going through braces was the best thing I did! Not only has it helped boost my self-esteem but I love to show off my smile. It's never to late and your never to old to be on braces.
Dr. Kelson has an amazing staff! It was fun to go through this experience with them. I am glad I won't be saying goodbye to Dr. Kelson and his staff. Since I have two boys that will also go through braces. Thanks again so much for an amazing experience!!

Jeanette Anderson

Great place that is super friendly and they do awesome work! they’ve helped my 3 older siblings through their teenage years. helped me since 3rd grade and are now helping my 2 younger brothers! Workers are so sweet and their work is amazing!

Lily Rasmussen

Dr. Kelson does a great job with each individual patient and has a genuine care for their overall smile and confidence. He is very good at what he does and he makes it’s fun for the kids. His staff is wonderful to work with. They are always happy and helpful.

Kelli Weight