Dr. Chris Kelson

"I wanted a career where I could have a positive, lasting effect on people’s lives, and I found exactly that in Orthodontics."

Learn About Dr. Chris Kelson

Dr. Chris Kelson attended Boston University, earning his Doctorate of Dental Medicine and completing his orthodontic training. Chris was ranked first in his class, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Chris continued on to complete his Master of Science degree in Dentistry.

Dr. Kelson believes ongoing education is extremely important to stay at the forefront of orthodontic techniques and principles and to allow for comfortable and rapid treatment for patients. Chris is trained in Osteogenically Accelerated Orthodontics, which allows treatment to be successfully completed three to four times more quickly in a healthy and complete manner.

As a second generation orthodontist, Chris has the honor and benefit of learning from his father's 35 years of experience. This has allowed him to take the most current concepts and integrate them with the knowledge that comes from 35 years of real-world experience, and that combination gives our patients the best possible care.

Dr. Kelson's view on his practice and his office

Creating a healthy, beautiful, and personalized smile for his patients is extremely fulfilling. He loves coming into the office each day, getting to know new patients and catching up with their regular patients. Dr. Kelson’s commitment to his patients is to give them the healthy beautiful smile they want in a way that will last them a lifetime.

People are fun, and being able to provide something that has such a positive and often dramatic effect on their lives is extremely rewarding. He loves to see that fresh, excited smile when someone who they’ve served and cared for sees their new smile. They are elated, and the staff and Dr. Kelson get excited with them. It truly is a great moment.


Face centered, individualized orthodontic care is what we specialize

Face centered means we base many treatment decisions on what will create the best facial esthetics now and for the future as a person grows and the face matures. For growing patients, Dr. Kelson can anticipate how the face will grow and often enhance the facial esthetics of the natural growth pattern. Orthodontics can greatly affect the lower 1/3 of the face, roughly from the cheekbones down to the chin; this is true for adults as well as children. We want this to be as balanced and esthetic as possible, giving you a facial structure that conveys health, vitality and attractiveness as well as a beautiful smile.

Smile More Approach

What is the SMILE MORE approach?

It’s simple, we want everyone to SMILE MORE.  Literally.  Everyday. We want everyone to SMILE MORE with awesome straight smiles, yes, that is what we do, but it doesn’t end there for us.  We also want everyone to SMILE MORE with happiness that comes from spreading kindness and laughter. This concept is the driving force behind everything we do at Kelson Orthodontics. From the first time patient experience to the last retainer checkup, from our morning team huddles to our fantastic patient centered results, from the design layout and flow of our office to our community outreach programs, from our flexible, easy payment plans to our fun games, and crazy dress up days.

At every level, at every detail, we LOVE to SMILE MORE, and dare you to try it.  Try being the first one to smile at a stranger, be the first one to welcome a new person into your circle of friends, be the one that lights up someone’s day in secret.  It’s the BEST! Before long, you’ll find yourself SMILING MORE.  (Hey, if you’re not confident showing those pearly whites in a smile, we know a super Orthodontist that can change that. Wink. Wink. Let us help you SMILE MORE.)

SMILE MORE, it’s a simple concept that has HUGE results.  We want our patients to feel confident with their smiles so they SMILE MORE, we want our community to be delirious with positivity, kindness and fun, so they SMILE MORE.  It is literally what we aim to do each and every day.  It’s our focus, our challenge and our mission.  We want to make you SMILE MORE. Come see us, we dare you!

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