We created the perfect environment for our patients to get the smile they've always wanted, while having fun getting there! 

KO Headquarters

Our office was designed with you in mind.

Welcome to Kelson Orthodontics! We take extreme pride in our attention to detail when it comes to creating our patients’ perfect smiles. We put the same level of detail in the design of our building to constantly share the message and ethos of Dr. Kelson to SMILE MORE.  We truly live by the motto SMILE MORE. We want everyone who enters our building to SMILE MORE because of their experience with Our KO Team, Dr. Kelson and the environment of kindness and fun we work to create every day. 

Our office is a clean, modern environment where you will receive Dr. Kelson’s face-focused approach to orthodontics.  This requires a special blend of artistic vision and technical skill.  We’ve designed our office to reflect this specific brand of art and science, form and function, a junction of both sides of Dr. Kelson’s approach to orthodontics.  When you enter our doors you will be greeted by a friendly team member seated among organic, architectural curves and vibrant colors that reflects an artistic vision and having fun. As you continue into the clinic you will notice how the curved lines blend into straight lines and angles, expressing the science and precision of the technical, exactness of Dr. Kelson.

At Kelson Orthodontics, our bold, confident approach lead us to create a bespoke blue color for our floor. Like the blue turf at Boise State, we dare to be different.  Finally, at Kelson Orthodontics we believe in strong communities. Our second floor was built for this very purpose, of being a meeting center for community driven events. So far, we’ve provided CE (continuing education) courses for our local dentists and orthodontists, boy scout and girl scout activities, local school art judging, and a music concert for a talented musician debuting her most recent album. We hope you’ll find many more pleasant surprises at Kelson Orthodontics that causes you to SMILE MORE. Come and enjoy!

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